Kitchen Renovation Toronto

Our company provides quality kitchen renovation in Toronto and all GTA. Kitchen remodeling is an essential part of your home renovations. A renovated kitchen not only gives you better functionality and cooking comfort but it will also prove to be a high return on investment in the future.

If you are looking at reselling your home, a planned kitchen renovation will help you get high paying buyers. The kitchen is the true reflection of your entire home, a beautified and well-designed kitchen add spark to your overall home décor. So if you plan to remodel your condo or house, start right from your kitchen.
kitchen renovation services toronto
If you want to bake, cook or simply make coffee or smoothie, you have to step into your kitchen. A bunch of old and troubled appliances, scratchy walls and dusty floor will not only spoil your mood but also not right for you and your family’s health and hygiene. Avoid all these glitches by hiring Maple Leaf Renovation Toronto, your trusted home renovation partner for a full-scale kitchen renovation projects. To help you expedite your decision faster, let’s highlight some key factors:

High-Quality Renovation Materials and Best-in-Class Service in Toronto

The cost of kitchen renovation is entirely decided by the scope of work. The size of your kitchen, quality of materials you want us to use for a kitchen renovation, the timeline involved and the number of working hour requires to complete the project are some of the factors to be considered at the time of cost calculation. You should take multiple quotations from different vendors to help you understand the break-up and decide faster.

Any kitchen renovation project needs a reasonably big investment from the house owner. If you are planning for one, you should always trust a vendor with a proven track record and years of experience. Starting from broken walls to faded paints, unstable ceilings, and non-functional appliances, an old home has different issues that can only be fixed by a trusted service provider with a strong market reputation. The engineers of Maple Leaf Renovation Toronto has the ability to ensure the utmost precision and zero error in all kitchen renovation projects.

Before choosing your kitchen renovation expert in Toronto, you should have a detailed discussion with the shortlisted service providers on deliverables. You will be able to make a rational decision once you have understood all your options.

Maple Leaf Renovation Toronto provides personalized service to satiate all your kitchen renovation needs. Starting from design and décor, flooring, replacing the old appliances to finishing electrical work, our engineers will do it all for you. You are assured of our expert advice and high-quality kitchen solution once you opt for our service.

Maple Leaf Renovation Toronto offers the following services related to kitchen renovation:

  • Cabinets of different shapes and sizes
  • Installation of kitchen countertop
  • Kitchen flooring including flooring style and installation
  • Replacing the old appliances
  • Finishing the lighting and other electrical works
  • Plumbing work to fix leakages or replace kitchen faucets
  • Repairing or replacing kitchen windows and doors
  • Repair walls and ceiling
  • Preparing a comprehensive kitchen electrical plan

Benefits of Finished Kitchen Renovation

Home Value: A fully or partially renovated kitchen can surely increase the market value of your home and attract potential customers. Your modernized kitchen can work as a USP and accelerate your home selling process.

Rental Income: If you are planning to demand higher rent, a remodeled kitchen can help you do that. The latest appliances, classy flooring style, durable kitchen fixtures, and elegant décor will certainly draw many high paying tenants.

Improved Storage Space: A well-designed kitchen with smartly placed cabinets and appliances will not only add to your kitchen décor but will also enhance storage space. You don’t need to look for your kitchen utensils and other essential items everywhere anymore when they are nicely stored in your remodeled kitchen cabinets.
kitchen renovation services toronto

What to Look for in Kitchen Renovators

For over a decade Maple Leaf Renovation Toronto proved itself to be the ace home renovator in Toronto and GTA. We stand out from our competition in customer-focused approach, proven industry experience, innovative and personalized approach and strict adherence to project schedule. Our design engineers ensure to factor in the following elements at the time of delivering kitchen renovation projects:

  • Strong attention to minute project details
  • Flexible pricing model
  • Keenly focused on customer service
  • Rigorous training, industry certifications and correct licensing
  • Flexible project timeline as per clients’ requirement
  • Selected service warranty of 2 years
  • Warranty of 2 years in some chosen services

Call Maple Leaf Renovation Toronto today and get your kitchen décor entirely revamped.