Basement Renovation Toronto

Our company provides quality basement renovation in Toronto and all GTA. Maple Leaf Renovation is proudly serving a huge base of loyal customers with high quality and innovative style of work. Our primary objective is to delight each customer with ace basement remodeling or renovation solution custom-designed to your requirements in your budget.

High-Quality Renovation Materials and Best-in-Class Service in Toronto

Maple Leaf Renovation Toronto believes in being transparent with its customers with regards to pricing, service specification, requirement and much more. Our service executive will provide you free estimates for all standard and customized services that will help you decide. We ensure the best pricing is offered to all our customers but never compromise on the quality and standard of our basement renovation service.
basement renovation services toronto
Our service engineers compulsorily use top quality gypsum wallboards and wood. We firmly believe that our clients should have the right to choose what they want. Keeping that in mind, we allow our customers to select the suitable one from a wide range of flooring materials, paints and cabinetry. Our focus remains to complete any renovation project within two to three weeks from the start date.

How we work

1 step

Requirement Gathering & Planning

In the planning stage, we gather complete requirements along with your expectation from the new basement by having a detailed discussion with you.

2 step

Preparing the Design Blueprint

Once you approve the project, we finalize the design elements of your basement as per your specifications and satisfying the building code regulations.

3 step


Once the design is approved, our engineers get on to the project to make your dream come true. We make sure to align your vision with our performance and delight you in the process.

Why Choose Us

Competitive Pricing

Maple Leaf Renovation offers flexible timelines to fulfill its clients’ requirements. Our fast track option allows us to get the project delivered in less than two weeks with extra charges. If our clients choose to go ahead with a standard deliverable, they will have the same quality delivered in more than weeks. We flexibly adjust our time of delivery according to your budget.

High-Quality Materials

Maple Leaf Renovation is known for its uncompromising attitude over service and product quality. Our vendors are hand-picked from across the world to ensure we deliver the finest quality materials to our clients. Any contractor or dealer discounts are directly shared in client pricing to make our deal cost-effective.

Expert Design Sense

The best design professionals of Maple Leaf Renovation Toronto are allocated to fine tune your basement renovation project. They add unique and tasteful design elements to make your basement look elegant.

Licensed & Insured

All our engineers and designers are bonded, licensed and certified by appropriate authorities to protect our clients’ interest and keep the brand image intact.

Brand Reputation

Maple Leaf Renovation Toronto is your trusted home renovation partner. For over a decade we have ensured each of our projects achieves a new milestone by delivering not only renovation service but also a lifetime experience to our clients.

Benefits and Options of Finished Basement

Home Value: A finished and nicely designed basement will make increase your home’s intrinsic value and make it appealing to the potential buyers. It will help you speed up your selling process.

Rental Income: If you are planning to get a high rental yield from your basement. A timely renovation can make the process faster. Allow our experienced team to make a sea change of your basement décor by making it fully functional with the latest kitchen cabinets, well-designed bathroom, latest appliances and much more to attract high paying tenants.

Home Office: If you are tired juggling from office to home, we are there for help. Our designers and engineers can turn your basement into a home office or a private workspace to give you the desired work-life balance.

Customized Storage Space: We all use our unfinished basement for dumping our unused belongings. Well, that may work out as a temporary solution but not an ideal one. Expert crews of Maple Leaf Renovation Toronto will turn the unfinished walls of your basement into well-designed storage space. Nicely made storage cabinets will ensure that you have a clean space to keep your stuff and organize them for any future use.

What to Look for in Basement Contractors

Service quality and performance of Maple Leaf Renovation Toronto are defined by our team’s customer-focused mindset, in-depth process knowledge, and timely execution capabilities. Our basement renovators make sure that the following parameters are adhered to in each project:

  • Unmatched attention to details
  • Affordable pricing
  • Customer focused approach
  • Proper licensing, certifications and industry training
  • Flexible timeline to satisfy the clients’ requirements
  • 2-year warranty on selected services