Condo Renovation Toronto

Our company provides quality condo renovation in Toronto and all GTA. Maple Leaf Renovation is known for its decade long experience and proven expertise for high-quality condo renovation projects. We provide best-in-class construction and renovation services with the unmatched quality delivered within a scheduled timeline.
condo renovation services toronto
A robust team of professional, certified and highly skilled engineers represents Maple Leaf Renovation. Each of our team members from plumbers, electricians, carpenters to architects, design engineers, and structural engineers strives to deliver their best shot with every project. Their goal is to bring that smile of elation and delight on your face by tastefully redesign and renovate your condo.

High-Quality Renovation Materials and Best-in-Class Service in Toronto

The reasons to renovate your condo can be one to many. You may to give your bathroom a fresh new look or upgrading your kitchen décor or simple change how your home looks or turn your unfinished basement into a home office. Whatever may be the case, Maple Leaf Renovation helps you achieve your goal by careful planning and execution of renovation projects

Condo renovation projects should be delivered after meeting all the condo regulations. Highly experienced and trained professionals of Maple Leaf Renovation Toronto ensure seamless project delivery while complying all the guidelines. They involve the condo corporation or designated authorities right from the start of the project. It is essential to check if the renovation project requires any insurance or caution deposit. An insurance or deposit works as coverage for any potential future damage in the property resulting out of condo renovation activity.

Benefits and Options of Finished Condo Renovation

Home Value: A renovated condo with nice décor will result in a sharp appreciation of your home value and readily attract potential buyers. If you are looking at selling your renovated condo, you are sure to seize a profitable deal.

Rental Income: If you are planning rent out your condo, a planned renovation will help you ask for higher rent. Let our expert crews change the outlook of your condo to make it look pricy. They are adept at revamping your condo’s décor by replacing old cabinets with fully functional ones, remodel your bathroom with elegant décor and install modern appliances to add up to the convenience factor.

Home Office: If you are looking at converting a secluded corner of your condo into a tastefully decorated home office, Maple Leaf Renovation Toronto will turn your vision into reality. Our design engineers will ensure that you enjoy every minute of private workspace and make them more productive.

Customized Storage Space: All of us encounter a common problem of stuffing every corner of our condo with old and unused belongings. Well, this may give you momentary relief only to aggravate stress and hidden dust mites in the near future. The only solution here is to get storage space built in the strategic corners of your condo to keep your stuff nice and clean and keep them safe for any future use.
condo renovation services toronto

What to Look for in Condo Contractors

Maple Leaf Renovation Toronto value service quality above everything else. Our experienced design and structural engineers are capable of timely and flawless execution by applying their experience and proven process knowledge. Expert architects of Maple Leaf Renovation Toronto make sure that the following elements are factored at the time of delivering every project:

  • Unparalleled attention to details
  • Reasonable cost
  • Customer first approach
  • In-depth process training along with proper licensing and certifications
  • Flexible Project schedule as per clients’ convenience
  • Warranty of 2-year on some selected services

Call Maple Leaf Renovation Toronto now and let us turn your condo renovation dream into reality.