Bathroom Renovation Toronto

Our company provides quality bathroom renovation in Toronto and all GTA. The moment you step into your bathroom, an air of freshness and rejuvenation should fill your mind. Yes, that can only be ensured if your bathroom exudes elegance and style in its design and décor. Maple Leaf Renovation will turn your bathroom into an oasis by remodeling it with a classy design. Whether you are heading in for a hot jacuzzi bath or a rejuvenating spa session, we can provide all of them by upgrading your bathroom fixtures, fittings, shower faucets and accessories, steam room or jacuzzi.
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Maple Leaf Renovation values your trust and is adept at turning your bathroom into an eye-candy. You deserve a luxurious and destressing shower after a long and hectic work day. Our expert crews will ensure that you refresh yourself by enjoying every droplet of the shower while savoring our artistically designed bathroom.

High-Quality Renovation Materials and Best-in-Class Service in Toronto

We let our customers choose their bathroom fixtures, shower fittings, cabinets, flooring styles and appliances from a plethora of designs and brands. Based on your selection, the final remodeling, installation and raw material costs are calculated.

The experienced crews of Maple Leaf Renovation make sure that the below parameters of bathroom renovation are satisfied while delivering high-quality services at your doorstep:

  • Installation of Bathroom fixtures
  • Cleaning, polishing or complete removal of old tiles
  • Scheduled maintenance and repair of bathroom fittings and fixtures
  • A vast range of cleaning and plumbing services for your bathroom
  • Installation of a galore of electrical services and wirings for your bathroom appliances and fixtures
  • A wide variety of wall and floor tile installation starting from glass, ceramic, granite, stone, marble, slate and much more.
  • Extensive range of flooring services including tile, stone, marble, and painting.

The dexterous bathroom designers of Maple Leaf Renovation are capable of pulling off the customized and stylish design to suit all bathroom renovation needs. Get rid of your old and stuffy bathroom and pamper yourself every day by relaxing in our jazzy and chic designed bathroom.
bathroom renovation toronto
The design engineers of Maple Leaf Renovation consider every bathroom renovation project an opportunity to create something wrapped in a fresh design. Our personalized approach and continuous effort to better the best in service standard have landed us with plenty of delighted and loyal customers across Toronto and GTA. Get our number on speed dial and call us anytime to discuss your bathroom renovation requirements.

Benefits of Finished Bathroom Renovation

Home Value: A tastefully designed bathroom can considerably increase your home value and attract potential home buyers. You can easily highlight your renovated bathroom as a USP to ramp up your home selling process.

Rental Income: A freshly renovated bathroom can get you high rental income. The modern bathroom fixtures, appliances, flooring styles, and cabinets add to the WoW factor of your home and can potentially attract high paying renters.

Increased Convenience: A nicely designed bathroom will improve your overall convenience. The modern fixtures, faucets, and appliances require less maintenance compared to its age-old counterparts, that requires perpetual maintenance and increases your recurring cost in the process.

What to Look for in Bathroom Renovators

Maple Leaf Renovation Toronto has built its brand over a decade long expertise, customer-centric approach, advanced knowledge on process and renovation architecture and adherence of project timeline. Our bathroom renovators ensure that the following factors are taken into account while delivering each project:

  • Rapt attention to details
  • Pocket-friendly pricing
  • Customer-centric approach
  • Industry training and certifications with proper licensing
  • Flexible project schedule as per clients’ convenience
  • Selected service warranty of 2 years

Call us today and get our Midas Touch on your bathroom!