Backsplash Tile Installation Toronto

Our company provides quality backsplash tile installation in Toronto and all GTA. If you want to beautify and renovate your home, you can do so by implementing small steps. Meaningful yet simple value additions to your home may increase its market value by thousands of dollars. One such measure is adding brand new and colorful tiles on the floor and setting up backsplash to protect your nicely painted walls. These simple and affordable steps will increase the splendor of your home.

backsplash tile installation services toronto

Every chef makes their living out of a kitchen, and every homemaker starts their day from a kitchen. With this statement, you can understand the underlying value of a kitchen. If your kitchen has a dirty floor, stained wall, broken sink, and a damage backsplash, it is surely going to pull down the grandeur of your interior décor. All these broken parts of your home need immediate replacement. Apart from fulfilling the elegance factor, a hardy backsplash and a combination of sturdy and colorful tiles will protect your home from possible water damage.

Maple Leaf Renovation Toronto is capable of becoming your trusted home renovation partners. Our flooring experts and engineers can add tiles with different measurement and fix backsplashes of varying make and models. We can utmost care that you get a permanent and lasting solution from our end.

The expert crews of Maple Leaf Renovation Toronto provide personalized flooring solution and backsplash repair and replacement service. We can add tiles of your choice on your floor, kitchen or toilet to make them look elegant and increase its longevity as well.

High-Quality Renovation and Best-in-Class Service in Toronto

Over many years, the professional engineers of Maple Leaf Renovation Toronto installed granite, marble, ceramic and engineered stone tile in residential, commercial and industrial settings. We ensure that all of our team members are bonded, licensed and certified tile fixers to guarantee smooth installation for all our clients.

Maple Leaf Renovation Toronto has demonstrated expertise and years of experience in delivering tiles installation projects in Toronto and GTA. Our continuous effort to challenge the previous best performance has helped us nurture a huge base of loyal and delighted customers. Who always place their trust and support in the abilities of Maple Leaf Renovation Toronto for installation of backsplash, different types of floor, kitchen, and fireplace tiles and nifty shower enclosures.

Benefits of Tiles and Backsplash Installation

Home Value: Installing sturdy tiles or fixing your backsplash will protect the core anatomy of your home from water leakage, damage, and dampness. If you are contemplating selling your home, these cost-effective measures will boost the market value of your home and make it more wanted by the prospective buyers.

Rental Income: The smart tricks of tile installation and backsplash replacement will please you, prospective tenants, as well. You can ask for higher rent citing that the necessary fittings and replacements in your house have been taken care.

Improved longevity: A replaced backsplash and new tiles will not only add spark to your home décor but also improve the overall durability of your home. It keeps your recurring home repair expenses at check by ensuring these long term measures.

backsplash tile installation services in toronto

What to Look for in Expert Home Renovators

Maple Leaf Renovation Toronto ranks multiple notches higher than its competition in terms of professionalism, timeliness, expertise, and knowledge on home renovation. We serve Toronto and major cities of GTA like Mississauga, Brampton, Markham, Whitby, Ajax and Caledon and many more.

You can select your services with full confidence as the same will delivered with personalized focus, skilled engineers and proven domain experience. Our crews take care that every project is completed in a scheduled timeline, reasonable cost and make your dream come true. We implement the following crucial aspects to make our projects worth its price:

  • In-depth requirement gathering from clients
  • Rational pricing model
  • Unflinching dedication to customer service
  • Licensed, bonded and fully insured engineers and other crew members
  • Flexible project timeline as per clients’ priorities
  • 2 years of full-service warranty

Contact Maple Leaf Renovation Toronto today and let our experts handle the rest.